Give Me a Beat

I’m sitting in the kitchen sipping Chai latte trying to put my mind into work mode.  After a busy and fun day of family time, trying to switch gears is not easy.  I am distracted by The Blind Side on television.  Focus, focus, focus.  What beat would I want to cover if I worked for a news organization?  I’m still working on the question what do I want to be when I grow up.  I like talking with people and getting to know them, my boyfriend is amazed by my inquisitive nature.  I strike up conversations with Uber drivers, people sitting next to me on the plane, and people in line at the grocery store.  People like telling me their stories and I like listening to them.  I’d enjoy interviewing people one on one in order to gather information and write stories.  As for covering beats, I know what beat I don’t want to cover.  I don’t enjoy the biased, emotional side politics seem to bring out in people.  I also do not feel informed enough to delve into questioning individuals about politics.  I’d definitely have to do research and educate myself more than normal if I was put on a political beat.  I think special interest stories would be the best to cover.  I’d like to report things that make people feel good and happy.  So much news today is disheartening.  A few years ago, in my Comm 108 Media and Society class our professor told us people who watch the news regularly are more paranoid than those that don’t.  Aside from politics, I’d cover whatever beat I was given.  I have an open mind for the most part and do my best not to be judgmental.  I look at all sides of a situation, trying to understand every point of view.  I think I would enjoy trying my hand at photojournalism.  I like taking photographs and recording moments, the addition of a photo to words gives it a different perspective.  A one-dimensional story takes on depth if the photo or photos included in the story speak to its audience.  I’m not technically savvy so any type of videography or sound editing is not up my alley.


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