Making a Difference: Dale Lovejoy

There are many behind the scenes individuals making a difference at University of Wisconsin Parkside campus in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Dale Lovejoy is one of those people.  Energy conservation is an important factor in sustaining our Earth and the measures made on UW Parkside campus benefit not only the students on campus, they also benefit the planet’s future population.


Trump Undoing Global Warming Policies

WE Energies – Port Washington, Wisconsin

Former U.S. President Barrack Obama’s Clean Air Act policies are being threatened by President Donald Trump’s administration’s attempts to aid auto industries that think tailpipe rules are unattainable and not cost effective.

Major U.S. auto companies have let Trump know they feel current tailpipe rules are almost impossible to meet.  It will take $200 billion dollars to implement the technology needed to reach compliant tailpipe emissions.

Trump is in the process of making many changes to Obama’s Clean Power Plan to aid the auto industry.  Environmental Protection Agency administrator, Scott Pruitt is in the process of undoing Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

Tailpipe regulations are set in place for automobile models up to 2021.  A final rule was supposed to be put into effect solidifying rules for cars built 2022 to 2025.  The Trump administration found a loophole;  the E.P.A. did not release its plan to the Transportation Department.

Tailpipe pollution makes up about one third of the U.S. total greenhouse emissions.  If auto manufacturers follow tailpipe rules U.S. tailpipe pollution will eventually be drastically reduced.

Trump’s administration seems to be focused on stopping energy-efficient standards and putting an end to pro-climate policies.  The “America First Energy Plan” does not include renewable energy or energy efficiency, it is mainly centered around fossil fuels.

Some people feel the Trump administration decisions are positive.  Citizen, Morganne Brown, believes Trump’s choices regarding tailpipe regulations are good for the United States auto industry.  Brown feels Trump is making changes he sees fit to benefit the country.

Other people feel the Trump administration choices are negative.  Citizen, Andy DeHart, feels Trump is taking a step backwards by eliminating the growth of renewable energy and climate control regulations. Citizen, Ngoc DeMarco, stated environmental programs take years to do actual good and is horrified they are being eliminated.

Countries worldwide are focusing on electric car manufacturing.  Some officials are concerned Trump’s decision will put the U.S. auto industry behind globally.

New York state records show 2012 Trump took advantage of New York State energy-efficiency incentives and low interest loans to update a Trump property with eco-friendly fixtures.  “I strongly believe in clean energy, in conserving energy, all of that – more than anybody,” Trump was quoted saying.

Trump’s business has benefitted from the energy-efficiency upgrades according to Dave Anderson, policy analyst at the Energy and Policy Institute.  The E.P.I. has been following Trump’s energy-efficiency incentive use.

2017 Trump has shown a different attitude regarding clean energy.  Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign promised to undo Obama’s global warming policies.  Trump’s E.P.A. administrator, Pruitt, does not believe in global warming.  Pruitt is also set to undo Mr. Obama’s E.P.A. regulations for greenhouse pollution reduction emitted from coal-fired power plants.

It will be harder for Pruitt to change the E.P.A.’s Clean Power Plan regulations.  The process to change the regulations could take up to two years and is likely to be filled with delays and legal problems.