Go Team!

The best lesson in Writing for Multimedia has been learning to be on a beat team, I imagine it is like being on the editorial staff of a newspaper.  I have enjoyed getting to know my beat team and discovering how best we work together.  An important key to working together on a beat team has been communication.

My team is hard-working, organized and dedicated; we meet every Wednesday a few hours before class to discuss and work on projects.  Each person on my team, myself included, faces personal challenges.  If one of us can’t be there due to health, work or family, one of us will step in, supply notes, and/or pass on information.

If a team member is frustrated with a task or situation we support one another and make collaborative decisions on what needs to be done.  We offer one another praise and constructive criticism when reviewing work.

Sharing creative ideas and brainstorming is productive, and we all get our two cents in, even if our ideas aren’t chosen.  Taking on and learning different media jobs on projects has given each of us an opportunity to share and learn from one another.

Each team member brings something valuable to the group.  We each have different strengths and skills when it comes to creating a project.  Sharing media jobs has given us each an appreciation for one another’s interviewing, video, photographic and writing styles.

If one team member does not have resources available to them another team member offers help.  As the Spring 2017 semester comes to an end I believe we all have a beginner’s grasp on media production and writing.  With more media writing experience and further learning everyone on our team will only get better, we are a diamond in the rough.

My beat team shares their talents and tools with one another to reach a common goal.  I’ve discovered what makes my beat team great is the open communication and respect we have for one another.  Learning to work together on a beat team, fusing different aspects of media to create news, has been a valuable lesson.